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Looking for Expert Home Exteriors Solutions?

At Xtreme Exteriors, our focus is to provide you with affordable, quality home exterior solutions, backed by expert craftsmanship and installation to ensure lasting performance. We not only provide the best quality possible, we share our process so you know why and how your project is being done.

That’s our value.

Come to know Xtreme Exteriors as your trusted, reliable resource for all your home exterior needs. From repairs and maintenance to large siding and roofing projects, to windows, decks, gutters, and providing “design-green home exteriors,” count on Xtreme Exteriors to provide you with the best home exterior solutions along with our dependability and service.

That’s our commitment.

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We Understand.

Multiple Properties. Multiple design options. You’re not just making decisions for one home, you’re deciding for many.


many little wooden houses
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One, consistent, integrated solution.

20+ years of experience in home exteriors installations and working with property managers and HOA boards has given Xtreme Exteriors a thorough understanding of the many issues you face when it comes to keeping your homes at their best. It’s why we’re able to effectively address your priorities and cover all the details to ensure your home exteriors’ projects are completed on budget and with consideration for homeowners’ concerns in the process. We’re your dependable, single-source solution for your entire home envelope. LEARN MORE >

We Offer More. Discover the Benefits of Working With Us.

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What’s On Your Home Improvement List?

Whether you’re looking to replace old roofing, siding or decking, have your projects start our right by consult with us at your planning phase. We’ll help you find the best, affordable solutions that are beautiful and long lasting for your home. CONTACT US

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Association Boards and Property Managers

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to know how your home should function? Now you can. Xtreme Exteriors is available to attend your HOA board meetings to present relevant topics such as proper insulation, attic ventilation, and ice dam issues that concern HOAs. We take the mystery out of how a home should function so you can make better, informed decisions when it comes to your properties.

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Is Your Insulation at Its Highest R-Value?

Ask to see the difference between poor verses good insulation and ventilation and proper installation. By sharing what we know, you can make informed, money-saving decisions for your home, whether it’s insulation, ventilation, roofing or siding. CONSULT WITH US before your next home exteriors project and feel confident about your home improvements.

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Looking for Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?

We’ve Got Environmentally Sound Solutions.

At Xtreme Exteriors, we have a long-running reputation for employing green best practices into our business. In turn, our experience and product solutions can make your home run effectively and efficiently as possible. We use the most innovative products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly including LP Smart Side®, EMCO Steel Siding with DuPont™ Teflon® surface protector coating, CertainTeed (an EnergyStar® Partner) and cool roof materials to make your home energy efficient and aesthetically beautiful.


Bonus: When homes run efficiently, home exterior materials last longer.

Bonus: When homes run efficiently, home exterior materials last longer!

Raves for Xtreme Exteriors

”The Bright Keys (Deer Run) Roofing Project was a massive $1M, 15 building, a 120-unit project that was complicated due to management changes, board member changes, budget and scope of work re-writes, and a complicated loan package.

Even before contracts were signed, Xtreme Exteriors attended many meetings with old and new management, former and newly elected board members. The original plan to re-roof and re-side the buildings, costing approximately $1.8M, would have been a financial burden for the HOA.

Xtreme Exteriors recommended postponing new siding until a later date. This saved the HOA approximately $800,000. Not only did the finished project improve the overall appearance of the property, it cured all the leaking eaves and ice dam issues. Xtreme Exteriors was wonderful to work with during the project, retiring every call and email promptly. Their contract was thorough yet easy to understand. Xtreme Exteriors even worked with the bank that processed the project loan!”

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