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Xtreme Exteriors can help you select aesthetically pleasing color combinations of quality vinyl siding products to match your budget.

Vinyl Siding

Exterior Vinyl Siding is the most common, affordable type of home exterior. This low-maintenance siding is made from durable plastic (PVC) resin that resists wear.

Wide variety of color selections, no painting required.
Available in Dutch or Colonial lap styles.
Numerous design options with varying widths and patterns.
Washable with soap and water.
More easily repaired than other siding materials.
Life expectancy: 20 years for standard vinyl; 25 to 40 years for insulated vinyl.

For added benefit, consider Insulated Vinyl Siding for your home. Insulated vinyl has all the advantages of standard vinyl siding along with sound resistance and qualities that can increase a home’s energy efficiency up to 20 percent.

Xtreme Exteriors offers Vinyl Siding and coordinating soffit and fascia products from leading manufacturers, including Certainteed, Crane, Norandex, Mastic, and Variform. Each offers multiple product lines available in nearly limitless color and size variations. Contact us for more information about or Vinyl Siding offerings or to view samples.

aluminum siding installation on home
Aluminum siding is the oldest product in low-maintenance siding. Xtreme Exteriors can help you select from a range of styles and colors for a pleasing, affordable affect to your home.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is the oldest product in low-maintenance siding.

Wide variety of color selections and several distinctive profiles.
Woodgrain and matte finishes.
Acrylic finish resists blistering, chipping and peeling.
Life expectancy of 20 to 30 years.

Xtreme Exteriors offers Aluminum Siding from leading manufacturers. Each of these siding product lines provide a variety of styles and color options. Contact us for more information about our Aluminum Siding products or to view samples.

fiber cement siding installation on home

Fiber Cement Siding material has the look and feel of real wood grain, and is durable enough to resist cracking, rotting, hail damage and termites.

Fiber Cement Siding

Xtreme Exteriors offers fiber cement siding products, available in several styles including horizontal planks or vertical panels that are ready to paint after installation, or can be pre-finished featuring ColorPlus Technology.™

ColorPlus Technology logo

Available in horizontal lap, vertical panels and shakes.
Costs 25% less than wood siding.
Comes ready-to-paint or can be ordered in pre-finished colors.
Can contribute toward green programs, including USGBC® LEED.®
Non-combustible and will not melt with exposure to heat.
Resists damage from minor impact.
Life expectancy of 30 years.
LP Smart Siding and trim has a 50 year warranty.

Contact us for more information about our Fiber Cement Siding products or to view samples.

beautiful cedar siding installation front door view

Cedar Shakes can be used as a charming detail on dormers, add a welcoming accent to a home’s front doorway or beautifully define your entire home’s exterior.

Cedar Shake Siding

Made from real cedar wood, Cedar Shakes provide unique characteristics and texture for any upscale home design.

Varied shapes and sizes, adding to design possibilities.
Cedar wood can age naturally or can be stained in a variety of color options.
Regular staining and upkeep is required.
Life expectancy of 30 to 50 years, depending upon the application.

Cedar Shakes can be used as a charming detail on dormers, add a welcoming accent to a home’s front doorway or beautifully define your entire home’s exterior. When you consult with us, we can show you the best use of Cedar Shakes for your style of home and to enhance its exterior. Contact us with any questions you might have about using Cedar Shakes for your home or to view samples.


At Xtreme Exteriors, we make an-going conscious effort stay on the forefront of industry standards for sustainable design-build solutions. Please check out our Designing Green page on efficient and environmentally friendly home exteriors siding and roofing options.

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