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It’s getting close to summer’s end where we all enjoy the last hurrah, that last family road trip of the season, to a favorite spot or exploring someplace new. At Xtreme Exteriors, we’re all about home and what makes houses worth coming home to. So here’s something we’ve packed together for your travels, to enjoy on your way there and on your way back.

For every road trip, there is a soundtrack.

Who can’t remember a trip or adventure that doesn’t have a song attached to it — that when heard again, it instantly brings us back to the memory of that experience. It’s just one of the mysteries of how our minds work, but it’s a nice mystery to have. Music, after all, is the universal language that connects us with the people who share in it.

For our last trip of the summer, we thought it would be fun to create a soundtrack for the road but with a theme. Some of the best songs for a road trip turn out to be about home. Why? Even with all the joys of getting away, seeing new sights and experiencing new places, ultimately, we know when it’s time to go home. There’s a yearning for it. It might be the reason people travel, to better appreciate the place they call home.

Home — with a range.

When we set out to create this list, we went for variety to cover different tastes, well, minus the rap. Some are timeless and nostalgic. See the song title and you hear the music in your head. A few tunes are new, even for us. What they all have in common (mostly) is they’re upbeat, you can hear the words to sing along and have a quality that says “ROAD TRIP!” So keep your hands on the wheel, drive safe, and enjoy the ride.

Phillip Phillips • 2012
Why we like it: Upbeat optimism, a rhythm just right for the road.

Lynyrd Skynyrd • 1973
Why we like it: It’s a classic. No summer or road trip should be without it.

Bon Jovi • 2005
Why we like it: Bon Jovi has been raising awareness with Habitat for Humanity since 2005 when he provided the funds to build six homes in Philadelphia and built the homes alongside the homeowner families, as well as with members of his Philadelphia Soul Arena Football Team. The construction site also served as the video shoot location for his band’s chart-topping single, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”

Dan Croll • 2014
Why we like it: 
A very sweet upbeat ballad about the place we love best.

Simon & Garfunkel  • 1966
Why We Like It: It’s an oldie classic – a road song you can sing along because we all know the lyrics. Well, most of us.

Vance Joy • 2018
Why We Like It: Just a good song to roll down the windows and sing along.

Phil Collins • 1986
Why We Like It: Who doesn’t like Genesis’ signature drum style?

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros • 2009
Why We Like It: Quirky, fun folk-rock tune.

Shania Twain • 1997
Why We Like It: It’s a raucous power anthem for all the women (property managers) out there.

Supertramp • 1979
Why We Like It: Another classic where you remember when it played on cassette tape.

Micheal Kiwanuka • 2012
Why We Like It: A lovely guitar ballad. You can hear the words and has a gentle rocking beat.

And as an encore:

Blake Shelton • 2017
Why We Like It: It doesn’t have “Home” in the title but it’s all about starting a home.
Gotta love the lyrics. It’s simply boot-stomping fun.

Any “home” song we missed? Got a favorite of your own? We’d love to hear about it! Leave your thoughts in comments.

We care about homes.

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